Global booking systems are like a major supermarket. They leave no room for other players in the tourism market. Small tour operators, itinerary experts and travel agencies can no longer compete with the giants in the industry. Their unique products will soon become nothing but history.

We want to create a place for everyone on the Internet. A place where a traveler can look at a tour from the other side. A place where he can find unique specialists and special itineraries. A place for those who don’t believe that a journey is only about hotel and flight ticket reservation. We are simply an antithesis of reservation systems.

  • Unique trip planner
    • With our planner, a traveler can plan his trip without in any way limiting himself. He can even plan without travel dates or destinations. The trip planner enables you to clarify all the details as much as possible, calculate the costs, and do much more.
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  • Unique map search
    • Our team has long been handling tourism projects effectively. We’ve accumulated a huge knowledge base on tourist sites and have uniquely placed this knowledge on the map. This map is accessible right now.
  • Unique search for travel itineraries and trip plans
    • Our project enables you to search not only for tourist sites, but also the entire trip. When planning, you can see what other travelers are planning or what options are offered by travel experts. These plans can be used as a basis for your own plans and trips.
  • Direct offers from tour operators
    • The aim of the project is to ensure direct communication between all the participants. We are against artificial barriers presented by large catalogs and reservation systems, because don't charge any commission.
  • Access to experts and local gurus
    • We want to create such a place where experts can help travelers and we want it to be beneficial for all.
    • You decide how independent you want your travel to be
    • Independent travel or to join a tour? You decide by yourself whether you would want a travel agency to plan your entire trip for you or only part of it, while you take charge of the other part.
  • Design your plans without restrictions
    • With a trip planner, you can schedule a trip without knowing the travel date or destination. You will be able to set our detailed elaboration of everything as much as possible.
  • Catalog of specialists, experts and travel agencies
    • Under the project, a catalog of travel agencies and tourism services will be created. This would enable travelers to quickly find their desired tour operator or expert
  • All services are placed on the map
    • Information about available services are projected on the map of the area. You can use the map when planning your trips or searching for services in the region.
  • Information about potential travelers
    • Based on travelers’ plans, we inform travel agencies and specialists on the needs of tourists, their plans and wishes. This would enable the travel agencies and specialists make the right customized offers.
  • Rating system
    • We are planning to introduce a rating system for all participants – both professionals and travelers. The rating system will also work for other elements of the site, such as whole trips or individual services.
  • Good trips are made accessible to everyone
    • The trip plan search system allows you to find itineraries and plans that match your wishes and desires. They can serve as a basis when creating your own plan. You can share your plan with other travelers.
  • Trip authors will not be forgotten
    • Any tour plan can be signed by the author, which will remain forever. Plans created based on such signed trips may also be signed by the editor if allowed by the author.
  • Direct contact with the author
    • Trip plan authors and editors can advise other travelers on any newly invented itineraries or organize tours based on their itineraries.
  • Comments and tips
    • We want to create a comments system for travel plans so that travelers could share their knowledge and tips.
  • Stop spoon-feeding reservation systems!
    • Reservation systems collect 30% of the cost of tourism services. For every booking, the hotel or tour guide must pay commissions to the relevant reservation systems, otherwise they will not be allowed into the market. We are against these charges and we don’t intend to collect any commissions.
  • Direct contact between project participants
    • We at Antibooking want to create direct contacts between the project participants. We will not hide contact details of a tour guide or tour operator, and you can always choose to communicate through us or directly. We won’t stand against any communication.
  • Free for travelers
    • We don’t charge any fees or commission for those who use our site for themselves.
  • For professionals – fixed subscription fee
    • It is currently free. We are planning to introduce a small (about US $10) subscription fee for those who will make use of our site. This is to enable us develop our project and make it even better.
  • Collective trip planning
    • We are planning to create collaboration tools in our unique planner. This will allow groups of people to plan a trip together, agreeing on the options, budget and other things.
  • Transparent expenses for participants
    • In our trip planner, you can simply assess what the trip is made up of and the cost structure. For all events, you can indicate the participants and obtain the final calculation for each person.
  • Gathering participants for your trips
    • We want to create a simple tool for those who gather people for their own unique tours or expeditions. Our project will enable you plan your trip, calculate the cost for each person, and gather a group of fellow travelers.
  • Save costs through group tours
    • Group offers are often cheaper than individual services. You can save much by travelling in a group.
  • Sign up and create a plan for your best trips.
    • Our greatest priority is to make the project bring benefits to travelers. The more we have good ideas, the better!
  • Sign up and tell us about yourself!
    • If you are a travel agency, hotel, tour guide, expert, translator or any other expert in the field of travel and holiday services, tell us about yourself. Fill out your profile information. This will help you in your business and give the site users additional information.
  • Tell about us on social media
  • Support the project financially
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